Health, Work and Wellbeing

We all need to promote ‘Good Mental Health’ and by being able to spot early signs of problems like anxiety and depression we can cut costs on days off work, and save the lives of friends and colleagues.

By Law we have to have a ‘First Aider’ in the work place, so why not have a ‘Mental Health First Aider’ as well?
Are you happy to talk about Stress in your life, do you know how and where to get help from?  If interested in finding out more, or doing a MHFA course, contact Ann Kay ( H&S NUT adviser & MHFA trainer). Ann's e-mail: HERE
Why suffer in silence when help is available.

MHFA (mental health first aid) awareness

MHFA is an internationally recognised programme, 1 person in 4  will experience some form of depression,anxiety,stress etc in a year. To learn more, and how to recognise early signs contact Ann Kay your local Health & Safety Adviser HERE

Promote positive mental health today print out this poster click HERE for the pdf

Ann Kay is a fully qualified ‘Mental Health First aid trainer’ and is willing to give short talks regarding Good Mental Health as well as running 2 day MHFA training days. The latest course was held on 20 and 21 February 2018. A picture from the course is shown below.

Another course will be held in the future. those interested contact Ann. Ann's e-mail: HERE


Cyber bullying

The Safer Internet Centre has published a new comprehensive guidance document for schools on cyberbullying. The NUT contributed to the development of the guidance, and it is available HERE

 A new toolkit accompanies the guidance which has resources including lesson plans that address cyberbullying, sexting, peer pressure and self-esteem. The toolkit is available HERE